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Stress, Anxiety, Phobias and Panic Attacks.

Increasingly, anxiety, panic attacks and stress related conditions seem to be a part of modern life. Stress can be useful if it motivates us but when it begins to get out of hand it can disrupt our sleep, affect digestion, our relationships at home or at work and lead to stress related conditions like IBS, insomnia, raised cholesterol levels, teeth grinding and Trichotillomania (hair pulling) and a person might also develop OCD and phobias or fear of flying.

Phobias that might stop us getting on airplanes or into lifts and panic attacks that really hinders us as we go about our daily business.

As we experience more and more pressures daily, from getting to work or finding work, to supporting a family or looking after an ageing parent or traveling through security at the airport.  Adults and children have to deal with increasingly high levels of stress.  These levels of stress can trigger the flight or fight response’ and if we do nt begin to reduce this level of emotional arousal our daily life and long term health can be affected. 

Research shows that Hypnotherapy can help reduce symptoms of IBS and it is often suggested as part of a treatment plan. Hypnotherapy can help a person perceive stress differently and we can help you create more positive responses.  I work with many teenagers and undergraduates who have problems concentrating and suffer from overwhelming exam nerves.  After years of study and education we all know the importance of performing well during those finals and later at interviews. In an increasingly competitive workplace Hypnotherapy can support you by building your confidence, helping you focus, relax and by reducing those nerves.