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Eating disorders:

At the opposite end of the scale I also work with adults and teenagers who are affected by eating disorders such as Bulimia and Anorexia Nervosa. It has been found that hypnotherapy can be a safe and effective way to support a person and their family when they are affected by these life-threatening disorders. I have witnessed many positive changes in client’s attitudes to themselves and their future health and hypnotherapy seems to be a positive addition to any on-going health management plan.

Every enquiry is treated with the highest respect and confidentiality. I offer free consultations for individuals and/or their family so we can discuss your best options and the outcome you want.

Whether it is exposure to media or whether it is due to family eating influences, it seems irrelevant when faced with the future health and well being of a close family member.  Please seek support and help if you are concerned. Confidential advice and support networks are widely available.