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What is Hypnotherapy and how can Hypnotherapy help me?

Most people know that hypnosis can help them stop smoking. Many people already know that it can help people lose weight or know someone who has used it to alleviate their fear of flying. You may be surprised to find out that it can also help a child stop biting their nails,  it can make someone believe they have had a Gastric band fitted, it can alleviate exam nerves and it can help a person get rid of many more negative habits.

A hypnotherapist induces the dream like state of trance to help a person change negative patterns of behaviour.  However much we might try not to over eat or smoke or suffer a panic attack, it often seems as if our mind has a will of its own. It does.  Our subconscious mind is often led by emotion and habit.  Logical thought often seems to be ignored as our unconscious takes control and sabotages our best intentions.

Hypnotherapy is a relaxing and safe way to access our unconscious mind and begin to rewrite these learnt behaviours and create more productive and meaningful behaviour. Most clients find it extremely effective and enjoyably relaxing.


‘Research shows that there is more scientific evidence for hypnotherapy than any other complementary therapy.... by using hypnosis people can perform prodigious feats of willpower and self healing’

Health Education Authority


About me: Beth Lindsay - Hypnotherapist

Born in London, I moved to Hove 11 years ago. The sea and the sky, whether sunny or rainy, was too irresistible.  Divorced with 3 children, I originally trained in Fashion and Textiles at Central St Martin’s, London.  I worked in fashion, film and television commercial production. 
I then embarked on many years of counselling and psychotherapy training, beginning as a person centred counsellor, studying stress management, TA, Gestalt, CBT, NLP and EFT and bereavement counselling with Cruise. I studied Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy here in Brighton with Uncommon Knowledge. I worked with them as a Supervisor before they relocated to Scotland.

I know that all  of my training and qualifications, and many challenging personal life experiences, allow me to offer an effective but compassionate hypnotherapy service – which gets results.

The UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy organisations have developed standards of training for hypnotherapists, along with codes of conduct and practice that all UKCHO registered hypnotherapists are governed by.
I am fully insured and registered with The General Hypnotherapy Register and the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council  and with the Government’s Complementary and Natural Health Council