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Rethink your drink.

Whether you want to review your drinking habits or stop over-drinking, I can help.

It’s not just the units of alcohol - wine, beer and cocktails are loaded with calories. Drinking alcohol on a regular basis is bad for our health, skin, waistline, mood and energy levels.

Some of the reasons my clients want to rethink their drink:


Rethink my drink’ Hypnotherapy will help you give your liver and mind a well-earned rest and starting at just  £45, it maybe cheaper than a night out on the town!


Stop wine drinking
"I thought the best way to help myself lose weight was to give up drinking wine as when I had a glass it always went to a bottle and then the munchies afterwards meant many extra unwanted calories.  Beth, in one sitting, hypnotised me into thinking I did nt want any wine!  Everytime  someone offered me a glass  of wine all I could think of is "why would I want to poison myself with that" Amazing.  I do not miss wine at all. I feel healthier and I lost weight by not having those extra calories at night.   It really works and Beth is super in the way she relaxed me and I felt totally at ease with her.  She is wonderful."

Jane 45,  Brighton


Rethink your drink Hove package @ £60

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