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Testimonials success stories;

Habitual chocolate eater
"I can report back that I have had not even the vaguest temptation to finish the half eaten bar of chocolate on my coffee table, which I am leaving there to test myself! 100% success rate there!  I can't tell you what a relief it is, so a huge thank you for that"

East Sussex


Panic attacks
"I now feel that I can relax and enjoy myself. The panic attacks started to get better after just one session and now have gone. Using the techniques we practised, I am learning to relax and breathe.  Thank you for your support"

East Sussex


Job interview
I wanted to let you know that the interview went really well and I felt completely relaxed and confident and able to talk calmly. I hope I get the job! It was really worth seeing you, thanks again”



Exams nerves revision focus
“ Just before my daughter’s AS exams this year a friend told me about Beth. We had been bracing ourselves for the crippling stress and nerves my daughter suffers before and during exams. Beth is very warm and compassionate and after the first session my daughter felt more relaxed. The strategies Beth gave her to cope began to work and I’m thrilled to say the whole household was a calmer place. My daughter absolutely attributes her 4 A grades to her sessions with Beth. We will be eternally grateful and recommend her time and time again. Thank you Beth from all of us”

H.S  London


Quit smoking
“ My smoking habit was staring to effect my health. AS a young women I did nt want to be a smoker for the rest of my life. I had tried cold –turkey and used various nicotine replacements unsuccessfully.  I thought It was a habit I could nt kick.  Beth helped in a sensitive and understanding manner to break those patterns, beat my addiction and find healthier ways to keep stress at bay. I have not smoked or wanted to smoke since our last session. I would recommend Beth to anybody who is looking to make certain changes in their life”

Sorcha 18, Brighton


Banish chocolate food addictions
After an over dependency on chocolate built up over  a number of years, mainly when stressed or under pressure, i decided to visit Beth on the recommendation of a friend. Her approach was very calming and totally effective. I now recognise my stress situations and have not eaten chocolate since our last meeting. It has been very librating and i am happy to recommend other people to Beth if they are as keen to make changes as I was "

J.Webster 50,  London


Stop wine drinking
"I thought the best way to help myself lose weight was to give up drinking wine as when I had a glass it always went to a bottle and then the munchies afterwards meant many extra unwanted calories.  Beth, in one sitting, hypnotised me into thinking I did nt want any wine!  Everytime  someone offered me a glass  of wine all I could think of is "why would I want to poison myself with that" Amazing.  I do not miss wine at all. I feel healthier and I lost weight by not having those extra calories at night.   It really works and Beth is super in the way she relaxed me and I felt totally at ease with her.  She is wonderful."

Jane 45,  Brighton


Fear of flying
"Thank you..I am back having had 2 good flights!! What a difference. I was calm, far more relaxed and even enjoyed flying!! ...I now have a few weeks before my next trip and I can honestly say that I am looking forward to it!! Thank you so much for your help"

Andy  27, Hove


Nail biting
"I have always wanted to stop biting my nails and have always failed whenever I have tried to stop. I have been chewing on my nails since I was 9 years old! I have nt touched my nails since our session which I felt was very relaxing and a very positive and pleasant experience.... I know you have made a big difference to me and I am very grateful...."

Peter  47,  London